2013. június 28., péntek

Bonsai watering in heat!

Bonsai watering in heat! The Bonsai on the picture is on the sun, its roots can totally dry out during the afternoon. Sources of this can be that the water evaporates through the leaves, or the fact that an average bonsai soil dries out in about 3-4 hours if left on the sun. Also the roots heat up, so the tree actually feels like it’s being kept in an oven. The temperature of the roots area was at 38 Celsius. In this heat, if we forget to water our tree, it can easily die by the next day. I suggest early morning (between 6-8 am. ) or late evening watering of the tree. Do not use cold water, since it is about 10 Celsius colder then the roots themselves, causing the tree to get “ shocked “ and that could lead to the death of our bonsai. It is recommended that you put a bowl of water out on the sun during the day, so it can heat up properly to be perfect for watering our tree. After watering, the root temperature dropped down to 36,6 Celsius, which might seem as a little change but in such heat, it could save our bonsai. Always pay attention to our Bonsai.

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